Our Authors

Leah Braemel

Leah_Braemel_hat_compLeah writes smoking hot romances that reviewers say are wickedly addictive and emotionally stimulating.

Leah Braemel infuses her pleasurably sensual love stories with compelling characters, depth of emotion, delights of passion and the joy of love that equals a treat for the reader.  ~ The Romance Studio

Find out more about Leah’s books with all her publishers by visiting her website.

Robert Gramercy

Robert-Gramercy-times-X-webWe are excited to welcome Robert Gramercy to our fold. Robert writes thrillers, and also has written some slice-of-life tales similar to Dave Barry.  Look for his humorous “Welcome to the Lake House”, and exciting thrillers “Encrypted” and “Decrypted”, coming soon.

You can find out more about Robert in the coming months by visiting his website.