Personal Protection

Protecting him has her all tied up

pers-prot-ebook-200x300-72dpi-9-27-2016Despite owning a security business, Sam Watson refuses protection for himself, even after receiving threats from a stalker. His second-in-command, however, isn’t willing to take no for an answer, and assigns Sam a security detail headed by none other than Rosalinda Ramos—Sam’s secret object of lust. As an employee, she’s strictly hands-off. Though, working so closely together, Sam isn’t sure how long he can resist.

A female in a male-dominated industry, Rosie has enough on her plate just proving her worth, so she keeps her attraction to Sam firmly in check. Until she learns he co-owns an exclusive club. While investigating the club as a possible source of the threat, Rosie discovers her own interest in certain sexual proclivities. Before long, it’s all bets off, and all hands-on, for Sam and Rosie.

But the couple will soon discover the real threat to Sam is much, much closer to home…and something from which Rosie may not be able to save him.

The action, dialog, characters, and plot were all so well written that I found myself completely immersed ~ Slick Reads, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


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Publisher:  Somerlane Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Book 2 of the Hauberk Protection Series
Length: Novel (331 pages)
Format: ebook, trade paperback

New ISBN-13 (digital version):   978-0-9879304-8-4

New ISBN-13 (print):  978-0-9879304-7-7